Ramadan 2022: Why are Dates Used to Break Quick? Historical past and Significance

Ramadan 2022: Why are Dates Used to Break Quick?  Historical past and Significance

Ramadan 2022: The holy month of Ramadan began on April 2. The month of Ramadan is claimed to be auspicious and holy for Muslims because the interval displays devotion, prayer and good deeds. Throughout Ramadan, Muslims abstain from consuming and consuming between dawn and sundown. The quick begins after having ‘sehri’ earlier than dawn and breaks with ‘iftar’ after sundown. Whereas Iftar consists of quite a lot of scrumptious meals gadgets, one factor that’s widespread in most houses is breaking the quick by having a date.

Date has a particular significance within the Quran and is claimed to be a staple Iftar meals with out which the fast-breaking is incomplete. In Islam, dates are additionally believed to be sacred. Let’s take a look at the historical past and significance of the particular fruit.

Historical past of Dates

Dates, that are scientifically often known as Phoenix dactylifera, are one of many oldest grown gadgets. Dates are mentioned to have originated from the Center East and have greater than 3,000 varieties obtainable. If we have a look at the historical past of dates, then it is likely one of the oldest cultivated fruits which dates again hundreds of thousands of years. Varied cultures have completely different connotations hooked up to dates. In Greek mythology, it has been linked to the immortal Phoenix. It’s believed that identical to the Phoenix chicken, the date palm can be immortal. There may be additionally a perception that in America, Spaniards launched dates in 1765 in varied areas together with Mexico and California.

Significance of dates in Islam

Dates are talked about greater than another fruit within the holy Quran. It has been talked about 22 instances within the holy e-book. Aside from this, many sayings from Prophet Mohammad put a light-weight on the significance of dates in Islam. It’s mentioned that within the Quran, the Prophet states that consuming seven dates within the morning day by day protects one from varied sicknesses. Aside from this, it is usually believed that the Prophet used to interrupt his quick with solely dates that are adopted by the Muslims everywhere in the world now.

In varied areas of the world, the date is understood by completely different names. It is named khajoor within the Urdu language and tamr in Arabic.
Aside from the non secular significance, dates even have science behind their use throughout fasting. They’re mentioned to be excessive in soluble fiber which fills the abdomen if taken after a quick. It prevents an individual from consuming in extra after a day lengthy quick.

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